genuine sheepskin lasts for years and is easy to maintain.

wool and leather are naturally self-cleaning materials and break down most substances.

a sheepskin consists of 100% proteins and is therefore NOT a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

whipping and airing the rug or plaid regularly is usually sufficient to keep its skin clean, flexible and lively.

still some tips to keep your sheepskin beautiful and woowy:

  • periodically comb the skin with a gloss brush to keep it soft
  • whip weekly with a simple carpet beater
  • don’t use the washing machine
  • treat a stain individually with a damp cloth (and in severe cases with a special pelt shampoo)
  • hang up to dry, don’t use the dryer or hang in the sun
  • in case your sheep skin is really dirty, you can put it – woolside down- in the snow and let it dry slowly.



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